Monday, July 19, 2010

Cubanb-Texas by Les doigts de l'homme

Ok. Now this track is quite impossible to watch on youtube, but it is amazing!

This band is a 4 piece from France: 3 guitars and a double bass and they are intense! - In this song one guitarist is playing banjo and it is the sort of banjo that would make Bela Fleck commit suicide.
It begins with a funky gypsy samba line and then the other instruments come in. Basically this is just a simple chord progression repeated over and over with a banjo soloing, but it is so unusual i Just had to share it with my blog buddies.
It is the soundtrack to my triumphant return to the internet, having just set it up over the space of 2 hours and 2 phonecalls to iinet (who were quick to answer and lovely..) it is done!
Groovy manouche-samba seemed the only alternative.

As this isn't on youtube I am also going to talk about another song by Les doigts de l'homme which is their cover of ol' man river.
It is in 14/8. Enough said!

Pay Attention To:
Cuba-Texas - The sneaky 7 bar phrases in the B part
- That awesome banjo
-The contrast between the guitar and the banjo sounds during the guitar solo
-The awesome banjo break where the banjo player sings his line

Ol' Man River
-The incredible lines played in thirds by the two different guitarists
-The cool way that Ol man rivers works in 14/8

Why you should be listening to this right now:
I have not encountered a band this skilled in a while. I bet you haven't either. This is where it is at and everyone doing anything even similar in Australia should lift their game. It is eminently listenable and it works as both background music and under intense focus.

This goes well with:
Cute gypsy jazz like Django.
However it is really more in the vein of Lulo Rheinhardt or Woohoo Revue. Maybe even taraf de haidouks?

here is the link to ol man river:

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