Sunday, August 22, 2010

Telephone Song - The Vaughan Brothers

Many people say that the greatest electric guitarist of all time was Hendrix. These people are tripping balls.

The greatest guitarist who has ever lived was Stevie Ray Vaughan and while this is not my favourite track (that honour is taken by 'Long Way Home') the funk inspired blues groove just suits my mood right now, when by all means I should be feeling like Mozart's requiem.

Anyways! This song is so groovy and with the, at least, 3 guitars floating all across each other this should by all means be a confusing mangled mess yet the brothers manage to slinkify it into a place of clarity.

Now: this is basically your standard 12 bar blues... however they get all sneaky...

Verses: I____________IV__ I____V (all the same).. then! II7 (ie V7 of V) which goes to V!!! then back to I

Then the chorus:


Then there is a beautifully constructed guitar solo (read: Goes over 1 head and builds to a very effective climax, restrained virtuosity - no showing off)

Pay attention to:
The various layers of guitar sound
Stevie's awesome texas-accented voice
The cool chords at the end of the solo

Why you should be listening to this right now:
Best cure for Sundaynitis that I know of is funk-blues.

Goes Well with:
any other funk blues.

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  1. Don't you think you are making a slight generalisation by saying that the greatest E. Guitarist was Stevie Ray Vaughn?
    And, what do you mean by saying that blues fits your mood but you should be feeling like a song for the dead?