Saturday, June 19, 2010

The barefoot bride set - Jigzag

It is Sunday afternoon and the sun is-a-shining and I have a gig tonight and this is just the perfect cheerful music for right now.

Jigzag, (for those of you who don't know) is a trio made up of Bass-player Liz Frencham, Violinist Caroline Trengove and Guitarist Greg Bryce), play a wonderful combination of (mostly) original songs and tunes. Very bouncy and fun with vocal harmonies and some jazz influenced celtic folk tunes.

This particular song is off their 'live' album and is a three-tune set made up of a little wistful major jig, then a groovy minor gig followed by a happy reel that really rattles along. The reel breaks down into a groovy funk-influenced guitar and violin solo before capitulating in a return of the tune.

Pay attention to:
-The lovely use of voices to give body to the harmonies
-That sexy-as bass playing! Liz is just so wonderful to watch play, always so smiley and the bass here is simple but very effective.
-The effects pedal on the guitar. Jigzag really shake things up here, taking a quite conventional Irish tune-set and going to some really interesting places.

Why you should listen to this:
Because it is fun! Listening to these three great musicians really working their chops off in the breakdown is really really fun. Liz does some sneaky fast walking bass lines and Greg and Caroline really show off what they can do and while this is all happening one can't help but share the fun that these guys are obviously having performing on stage.

What goes nicely with this:
Some groovy folk music like Flook or maybe the string contingent.

Unfortunately I could not find this song on youtube but here is a link to another Jigzag number that is in a similar vein:



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