Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dance with you - Willie and Lobo

Good morning Monday!
Just the sort of thing for starting a week. The day is a bit rainy around the edges but I don't mind. Today is a 'doing-things' sort of day and this tune is exactly the sort of thing that is good to listen to when you are doing things.

Willie and Lobo is a duo made up of Willie Royal (violin) and Lobo Fink (guitar) and they play a sort of watered-down new-flamenco. Nice groovy songs with simple grooves and some beautiful violin solo's.

This particular song I have off a 'best of 1997 nu-music' sample cd that I think my parents used to play in the car when we went on our family holidays. It really is quite nice, a sort of easy-dreamy feel that comes from the slow moving bass with all the jingly percussion and the very slow lazy vocals that are almost obscured by the effect placed on them.

Pay Attention to:
-The muted trumpet solo. This solo is so simple, yet it really works because the chords move outside of those used in the other parts of the song
-The vocal tack. Doubled by the violin it is really a case of the voice being used as an instrument.
-The percussion! The opening groove is for cajon (spanish for 'box') and the introduction of an effected percussive line over the top that is made out of 'drip-sounds' and also some metallic sounds is really a very beautiful touch.

Why you should listen to this:
Listening to this song might bring out the gypsy within you. Ever feel that life is tawdry and droll? Ever wish you could snuggle up to a hairy gypsy man named Alejandro and make love under the Andalusian stars? Ever wish that your mother could read tea leaves and your father scammed people out of donkeys for a living?
This is the song for you. Put on your best red dress and a big scarf and dance the .... afternoon... away. Also good for cleaning. Be sure to consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

This song goes well with:
Red wine and friends. House cleaning. Bands such as Rodrigo y Gabriella and The Counterfeit Gypsies.

As may often be the case I could not find this song online, so here is a link to another Willie and Lobo song that is in a similar vein:

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