Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hello all my reader(s?).

My name is Owen and I listen to music almost 24-7. I think that I can put a great case forward for being one of the most eclectic of all listeners: in my i-tunes library I have music ranging from Bach to Scelsi, Lunasa to Susana Baca, Whitest Boy Alive to Stevie-Ray Vaughan.

I am a big fan of giving people 'listening guided-tours' of the music as they hear it, so I thought I might share these mini-lectures with the world.

Basically as often as I feel like I will give a little guided tour of some music I am listening to at a given moment and hopefully this will encourage all of YOU to listen to some music that you might not normally encounter.

Please feel free to leave me comments feed-back and suggestions, as well as linking me to some music that you think I should be listening to right now.



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